Simple Project Postmortem

This simple, plain text Project Postmortem can easily be copied into a Word document or the body of an email. It is designed to quickly provide a clear, concise analysis of your project so you better plan future projects.

Use this to analyze your Simple Project Plan Template’s success or failure.

Project Name:
Start date: mm/dd/yyyy
Due date: mm/dd/yyyy
Project success was determined by the following conditions:
1. Condition
2. Condition
3. Condition
The following success conditions were met with the following results:
1. Condition, result
2. Condition, result
The following success conditions were NOT met:
1. Condition
2. Condition
Overall project assessment:
Score the project according to the measures provided below. [4 Outstanding, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Unsatisfactory]
[4/3/2/1] Was the overall project successful?
[4/3/2/1] Was the project completed within by the project due date?
[4/3/2/1] Were all of the success conditions met?
[4/3/2/1] How good was the project planning?
[4/3/2/1] How was the communication between team members?
[4/3/2/1] How was the communication between the project team and the supervisor?
[4/3/2/1] How was the cooperation between team members?
Copy and paste scoring to add any additional questions.
Key Accomplishments
1. What went right?
2. What worked well?
3. What was found to be particularly useful?
4. Project highlights
Key Problem Areas
1. What went wrong?
2. What project processes didn’t work well?
3. What specific processes caused problems?
4. What were the effects of key problems areas (i.e. on budget, schedule, etc.)?
5. Technical challenges
Lessons learned:
1. Item
2. Item
3. Item
Post project tasks/Future considerations:
1. Ongoing maintenance requirements?
2. What tasks or activities still need to be completed.

Copyright 2017 Deran Durant ( PGP fingerprint: 2FDF 77D2 34D4 F621 EDD0 571F B065 8544 331B C43A). License: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) []



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