Useful File Naming Conventions

I use a set of standard file naming conventions to make it easy to organizing quickly find the files I need, and to quickly know what a file concerns without opening the file.
I start all file names of a group of related files with a project name. I keep the name short and to the point, and will use abbreviations if they make sense.
Example project names

LP_ for loss prevention
Q2B_ for 2nd quarter budgets
BR_ business review

I end files with several different tags.

_wc for working copy
_rc for release candidate
_final for final copy

Working copy is used to identify files I’m working on but are not complete – works in progress. Release candidate identifies documents that are complete, but need final approval or proof-reading. Final identifies files that are finished, approved, and ready to be distributed.
Example project names

BR_cover sheet_final.docx - business review cover sheet, final version
NL_may 2017_rc.docx - newsletter for May 2017, release candidate

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File Naming Conventions